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Hands-on Workshops

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List of the allocation of the participants to the different workshop topics (.pdf)


The students will gain unique insight and detailed knowledge by completing practical workshops focused at the analysis of case studies in challenging and controversial issues with handson exercises:

Code Title Organizers
WS1 Multi-channel surface EMG
+ information
R. Merletti, D. Farina
WS2 Human neuromusculoskeletal modelling
+ information
M.Sartori, M. Reggiani, J. Moreno
WS3 Muscle synergies: looking into the CNS
+ information
D. Torricelli, A. d'Avella, Y. Ivanenko
WS4 BCIs for training and assessment
+ information
A. Espinosa (GTEC)
WS5 This workshop has been cancelled
In-vivo clinical assessment & intervention
+ information
A. Gil
WS6 Rehabilitation Robotics
+ information
A. Casals, J. Aranda
WS7 Neural Interfaces: Novel possibilities
for neurorehabilitation
+ information
E. Fernandez, R. Normann